Sunday, May 8, 2011

the boathouse

this is the time of year to invite friends over to sit down at the dock for drinks end of day...simple fare of cool white wine, goat cheese drizzled with honey, sprinkled with herbs and a bowl of almonds...
photographs by marili forastieri


  1. Sounds like the perfect combination to me. ;-)

  2. Tricia, you have no idea how much your home has inspired me over the years. The way you can mix whites and similar tones to create a home that is far from stark just amazes me. This is beautiful as always.
    Ness xx

  3. I'm sitting here speechless ..
    did not know you had a blog.

    been following you since the beginning of Victoria magazine "time" ...
    I happened upon your link on another blog.

    I've been drenched in whites since "we met"
    in fact, I'm so honored
    my humble farmhouse is being photographed this week for jeanned'arc living ...
    this is all to much for one cityfarmer!

    let's chat

    oh my heavenly days ...
    can we chat?